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Monday, May 15, 2006

Become Hated

This is very much for beginners that explain In different ways how can you make money online. Become Hated is a new ebook written by 7 successful entrepreneurs.
The book starts with an introduction to running your own website and explains basics such as website design software, purshasing your own domain, hosting purchase and actually designing the site. Becom hated in my opinion is the easiest Money Making Guide available online.
Whether you are a Newbie or a Experiense webmaster looking to skyrocket your existing business, this ebook contains all of the information you will ever need.
If you want to earn thousands a month with affiliate marketing,
Become Hated is a excellent course that has just about something for everyone, Become Hated is worth the cash.
Here is just a preview of what you will get in Become Hated:
• Making Big Money Selling Your Own Products

• SEO Strategies That Get Nearly Every Keyword In The Top 5
  • Running Your Own Website
• The Insiders Secrets To Website Content
• Earning $1000+ A Day With Adsense
• Pay Per Click Techniques
• Blogging Your Way To $1000 A Day
• much more…
You can learn more about BecomeHated here!

Ultimate Wealth Package

This is a new course written by Mark Warren. Mark, a young internet guru. This book is well structured and organized, very easy to read. What I love about the course is that the Ultimate Wealth Package literally takes you by the hand and guides you, step by step, through to process of getting your online business started. Ultimate Wealth Package has been hailed as an extension of The Rich Jerk, picking up where The Rich Jerk left off.
There is some good information here but nothing worth $47 in my opinion. Overall, I found this to be a Rich Jerk copycat in bad need of a spellchecker. It is my recommendation to just buy The Rich Jerk which is a great course.
Score 7/10

Survey Scout

Paid Survey opportunities are one of the most popular opportunities on the internet. You are told that all you need to do is sign up for some survey companies, and fill out the surveys they send you for some easy money.
If you have nothing to do all morning and want to make some money, you can. And if you have a busy day ahead or want to do some shopping you can take the day off. In addition to taking online surveys you can also view new movie trailers, try and keep products, or participate in focus groups where you can earn $150 an hour.
Paid Surveys are probably the most simple way I know to earn some extra income. You don't have a website to run, you don't need to advertise, you don't need to sell anything, and the only phone call you'll take is a survey that could earn you $120 an hour. is a membership-based directory of over 400 paid survey companies. If you're new to the online paid survey industry, this is probably the best place for you to get started. The companies listed here are committed to helping newbies get started quickly and painlessly.
Learn more about Survey Scout
Score 7/10

Plugin Profit Site

Stone Evans owns and runs the "Plug in profit" site, which helps beginners set up profitable Internet businesses virtually overnight.

A little over 2 years ago Stone Evans started offering free websites as a way to get people to join him in a few affiliate programs. The Home Biz Guy builds you a new customized website FOR $24.95 generally in 24 hours or less. You get to pick your own domain name and he provides a logo at the top of your site promoting that name. You do have to pay for hosting, but can make back the hosting charges as you refer new members yourself.

Stone is also the author of various business and promotional articles. With the Plugin Profit Site you get a residual income from anyone under you who gets their own Plugin Profit Site, and you get residual income from the affiliate programs integrated into your site.
These programs are SFI, Empowerism, Internet Marketing Warriors, Traffic Swarm, and the Internet Marketing Center.
I had lots of affiliate programs I was involved in and thought it would be great to incorporate them all into one site. Well, it didn't work that way. The Plugin Profit Site is designed to work with only the affiliate programs that Stone Evans is involved with, and you will be required to sign up for these programs.
Your $24.95 is your monthly hosting charge with Host4Profit but you will also be required to: - Register a domain with Host4Profit. - Join Empowerism recurring subscription. The other four affiliate programs can be joined at the free member level so after you spend close to $80.00 you wait for Stone to build and upload your new Plugin Profit Site.
The Plugin Profit Site itself had too many ads on it. It has around twenty links and makes the website look cheap. You could get his site for less than $20.00 if you do it yourself.
* This review is only my opinion not a fact.
Score 1/10

Thank You Rich Jerk

This is a course by Holly Mann called Money Making Secrets Revealed that boasts all of the information of The Rich Jerk for a much lower price. This book is a steal for $20 and was AMAZED AT THE AMOUNT OF INFO PACKED INTO 31 PAGES.
So here we go... There are 7 chapters in Money Making Secrets Revealed covering many of the same topics as The Rich Jerk but in a slightly different way.
Hollys writing style is completely opposite of The Rich Jerks being helpful and nice where he was sarcastic. One thing that I liked about this course was that the author puts alot of focus into free marketing techniques. She shows you how to build a website for free, and spends a good deal of time showing you free methods to get traffic to it. All the basics of affiliate marketing, blogging, and SEO are all here as well as a chapter on drop shipping and wholesalers.
Ebay junkies, rejoice! Everything was explained well in this ebook. If you already have experience it is possible that you are going to know some of whats in this course. However, I found a couple methods in here that surprisingly enough I don't recall seeing before.
Overall, this course is ideal for beginning marketers who are running on a tight budget. Many of the methods are either free or inexpensive and work really well. If you found yourself looking at The Rich Jerk before but didn't like the price, than Money Making Secrets Revealed might be for you.
You can learn more about Money Making Secrets Revealed here!
Score 9/10


Chris Carpenters GoogleCash is a guide on how to make money by promoting affiliate programs via pay per click search engines, such as Google AdWords and Overture.
Chris will show you how to write your ads, create adgroups, set bid prices, and set your daily budget.
He will also show you the basics of choosing keywords so you can gain traffic as low as the minimum $0.01 a click. In the Google Cash guide also includes examples of poorly written ads and ineffective keywords.
You will be provided with many tips and tricks on how to get better placement than your competition and learn how to do it for merely pennies a click.
You will also be shown what affiliate networks to sign up for and even learn how to earn money without selling a single thing!
Learn how to find and choose lucrative affiliate products and services to promote and promote affiliate programs without a web site.
Chris has done a fantastic job of explaining affiliate marketing, showing you in great detail what to do, and most importantly, HOW to do it.
Like any other business opportunity, it does take time and effort. Although you can make money in your part time, it will require a full time effort to make serious money.
Learn more about GoogleCash here.

Affiliate Cash Vault

The Affiliate Cash Vault is a new course Affiliate cash vault is run by an internet entrepreneur called Patrick Lanoux that will show you how to setup a fail safe system to earn anywhere from $500 to over $5000 a week with only 15 minutes of your time.
Patrick will walk you step by step from what accounts you will need to setup, to how to write ads and how much to pay for those ads. For those of you who are on a budget, The Affiliate Cash Vault will show you how to get your own ad free website for no cost and a secret traffic source where you can get thousands of targeted visitors to your website very inexpensively.It is not all hype like lots of other programs.
This book will certainly set you in the right direction if you're looking to make some extra cash online.
The Affiliate Cash Vault gives you all the tools and resources to start earning money right away and I have personally used the information to achieve great results. The Affiliate Cash Vault is also priced lower than the competition and contains what could be the most unknown and powerful technique on the internet today.
Learn more about The Affiliate Cash Vault here!